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Accurate, consistent and Timely

Analytics and Recovery offers a full compliment of auditing including the actual quality review, extension and processing of the final statement of premium adjustment. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

We are committed to providing our customers with accurate premium audits in a consistent and timely manner. As a full service premium audit provider, we provide physical, telephone, and voluntary / mail audits, and we will conduct each and every audit in the most professional manner possible

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Premium audit services will be conducted in a professional manner following the established rules, procedures and regulations of the National Council of Compensation Insurance and other local, regional, and national regulatory agencies. AANDR will actively seek out risks with any potential for premium audit fraud and any such cases will be well documented and immediately reported.

AANDR's standard audit procedure is to supply our customer with an accurate audit within a mutually agreed upon time service standard always maintaining a less than xx% delinquency ratio. Our dedicated staff will ensure proper classification of all exposures through a technical analysis which determines proper separation and allocation of payroll. This process will be completed through direct interviews, review of all appropriate documentation, reconciliation, and final verification. Audit scheduling is completed by sending notice of the appointment to the insured and a follow-up phone call will be made prior to the appointment. All unsuccessful attempts will be documented, and progress reports will be sent out. Two attempts with the insured and one attempt with the agent will be conducted prior to returning an audit as non-productive.

AANDR's quality control program consists of a complete review of the audit for completeness and accuracy by a qualified audit reviewer. Each auditor is required to maintain an error ratio of less than two percent (x2%) and meet all other standards of quality.

The above procedures may be customized to suit the unique needs of our customers.  We WORK for YOU!


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Premium Auditing Technology

AandR's  Insurance Technology Solutions is a full service consultancy company focused on bringing Information Technology and Premium Audit and Insurance Solutions to the Insurance Clients and Insurance Broking Community.


AandR's Insurance Technology Solutions works with your business team to develop integrated solutions, taking into consideration information technology, marketing, operations and financial management. Our consultants have extensive experience in the technology and  insurance sector.


AandR's Insurance Technology Solutions works with your business team to develop integrated solutions, taking into consideration information technology, marketing, operations and financial management. Our consultants are specialists in the insurance sector, each with qualifications in areas covering information technology, marketing, operations, training and project management. What this means is that we are able to take a holistic approach to meeting your needs.

Insurance Systems

AandR's Insurance Technology Solutions can analyse your business requirements and advise on the most appropriate solution for managing your insurance business, providing you with an independent view on the systems that are currently availale in the market and their suitability for your business needs.

Application and Systems Evaluation

AandR's Insurance Technology Solutions can examine your current applications and hardware and provide recommendations and options available for you to advance your business towards the future. We provide product performance and price comparisons together with deployment plans and project management, thereby reduce the impact on your staff.

Data Analysis

AandR's Insurance Technology Solutions can evaluate and analyse your insurance portfolio. Depending on the data in your database, Insurance Technology Solutions can analyse your insurance portfolio providing you with valuable information about  portfolio performance and trends. Your database can be analyzed to show Loss Ratio development and trends, Claims experience covering such items as frequency and type. Information such as New Business activity, Renewal take up, source of business can also be analysed.