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Until August 2005 we were primarily a sheet metal and rain gutter supply / installation specialist, but after the storm in August, both commercial and residential roofing became an instant demand for our company. overnight our business changed. Consequently, our workers compensation / general liability insurance coverage needs changed overnight. In the ensuing years we faced premium audits that peaked in 2008. That year our audit reflected that we owed an additional $129,000.


I met Chris Torres with Analytics and Recovery at a trade show in New Orleans in 2009 and our brief discussion that day lead me to realize a couple things: the code classification, allocations of payroll and my experience mods all needed to be looked at with the pro-business owner approach. That is when I hired Chris. As Chris completed his audit of our carriers 2008 audit our $129,000 invoice was settled to just under $30,000.


In closing I would like to recommend Chris Torres of Analytics and Recovery LLC to be able to use this reference letter as a door opener to an immediate introduction to your valued companies.

You will experience this process as a simple yet extremely viable resource to reclaim much of your paid in premiums over the past 5 years or even longer if you have policies / carrier audit Trail. They will do a professional job of laying out to clear path to recovering a company's capital.



-(Owner) Edward Rollins


PGRS, Inc.

"We love working with the audit department at Analytics and Recovery! Every year we dreaded the annual Commercial Insurance audit where we would inevitably owe, regardless of our efforts to properly classify our employees.


Chris Torres, in the Analytics and Recovery Audit Department explained that sometimes an incorrect classification or rate is applied, increasing premiums unnecessarily. He has helped us come up with solutions under adverse conditions in our field that mean audit standards but are workable in the real world. He has helped us refine our classifications and educates and prepares us each year for our annual audit. He will also review prior audits to see if we were eligible to receive additional credits.


The audit department at Analytics and recovery had steadily helped us professionalize our insurance operations."

Mike Grandjean Owner


GranCor Enterprises

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm writing to recommend Analytics and Recovery. I've worked with them for the past five years.

In the time I've worked with Analytics and Recovery, I consistently saved at least 30-40 percent in Insurance Premiums, let alone the saved time and stress. They have been a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Analytics and Recovery. They would be an asset to any organization. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any further questions.          


Lisa Saiz Owner We Care Agency 

Nice Cars LLC secured the services of Analytics Recovery and Chris Torres for purposes of a worker's compensation insurance audit, resulting in significant overcharges by our insurance company which Chris was able to have refunded to us.
In my opinion every business could benefit from the services of Analytics Recovery and Chris Torres as a cost savings to the bottom line.

Karen Wike, Principal, Nice Cars LLC