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  • Free audits that result in assessing security risks and cost savings, lower risk and process improvements!

  • Administrative Services as well as cost saving Process Improvement Audits

    • Premium insurance Workers Comp, General liability and Fleet Auto

  • IT Services as well as cost saving Process Improvement Audits

    • Cloud, Security, Network, Desktop, Security and Data/Information Integration and more!

  • Human Resource Services as well as  cost saving Process Improvement Audits

  • Administrative Services- Information Technology Services- Premium Insurance Audit Services -Human Resource Services

We implement best or breed and futuristic solutions technologies. By assisting Small and large companies realize cost saving and efficiencies using Continuous improvement models. For example Workers compensation premiums are a significant cost for Blue Collar Companies and our services assure they are paying the right premiums and align their insurance policies to minimize risk.  Free assessments , If we don’t save you money on your premium audit we don’t charge.

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HealthCare IT Experts

  • Solution Architecture

  • HL7  , ESB and SOA integration

  • Project Management

  • IT Support  Service ITSM

  • ITIL Certified

  • Hitech , HIPAA and HIE  experts

  • Application Support and Implementation

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Alternative Financing

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Full Service IT Cloud Expert Service

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Premium Audit Statement Assurance Recovery Experts -

Analytics and Recovery performs Premium Insurance  audits. We do not sell, solicit or consult for any insurance company

As workers' compensation insurance is state mandated, the market for an independent workers' compensation premium audit is extraordinary. Millions upon millions of companies are a potential client. Our contingency fee based - no recovery, no fee model provides a simple opportunity to market our premium recovery services. We assist you in gathering the information needed to conduct the audit, you forward the information on to us and we take it from there. Once we receive a check from the client, we forward a commission on to you.

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Administrative Service Organization Services 

 Our administrative services organization (ASO) provides outsourced solutions to meet the administrative and HR needs of the client, with the client retaining all employment-related risks and liabilities.[1] The term ASO was established by the PEO industry in the late 1990s in order to distinguish between selective administrative support and full-scale PEO services.[2] The principal difference between the two types of service is that, in an ASO arrangement, the employer remains the employer of record for tax purposes.[3] 

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Why use and ASO? 

With this structure, tax and insurance filings are done through the administrative firm, but under the client company’s  employer identification number  . All  W-2   and  workers' compensation   policies remain the responsibility of the employer and not the administrative firm. [4] 

We offer administrative services such as  payroll processing, payroll administration, benefits administration, and corporate benefits. 

Payroll services include- W-2 processing, tax filing services, direct deposit, wage garnishment, new hire reporting, standard & custom reports,  HRIS, expense reporting, employee time & attendance, paycards, pay as you go workers comp,  401(k) administration, & unemployment Cost Control. 
Benefits administration includes- managing COBRA,  HRA/  HSAs,  FSAs and transit pre-tax plans, bill payment/ premium reconciliation, & benefits enrollment. 
Corporate benefits include- organizing/ negotiating health insurance, group dental, STD, LTD, life, etc. [ citation needed] 


 An  Administrative, Human Resource, Information Technology Service Organization.  

Premium Audit Statement Assurance Recovery Experts

Analytics and Recovery performs audits. 

 We do not sell, solicit or consult for any insurance company. 

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