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Construction Factoring

Factoring construction invoices sets your company up for success. Obtaining construction financing through a bank requires a lengthy application process and stringent approval terms. If your company lacks collateral or has less than perfect credit, you may not be approved. Even if approved, it’s likely you may not receive adequate funding.

We offer Factor Finders services  can get your construction company the funding you need – with no debt. Not to mention, factoring construction invoices helps build your credit because now you have the working capital to take on more customers, bid on larger jobs and pay your suppliers with ease.

Small Business Factoring Services

Don’t rely on banks–small business factoring is the smart alternative to bank loans. Invoice factoring is a fast & simple way for small business owners to improve cash flow and secure money to grow their business. Even if you’ve had trouble qualifying for other forms of financing, small business factoring is a viable option.

Bad credit is acceptable because approval is based on the credit of your customers, not yours. Because of this, you can say goodbye to long applications and strict funding requirements. Small business factoring provides instant cash with more flexibility and zero debt to repay.

Do your customers pay on 30, 45, 60+ day terms? Could your small business benefit from getting paid faster? Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable factoring, involves selling your business invoices in exchange for an immediate advance. The money is already yours, you are just receiving it faster.

No Minimums. No Long Term Contracts. Funding in 24 Hours With Small Business Factoring!

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