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Jerome A. Padilla, CEO/CTO

has over 35 years of IT Experience in Healthcare, Aviation and Not for Profits. He is and IT professional certified in numerous IT domains and a member of IASA GLOBAL an Association for all IT Architects Member #: 35601153.  Jerome retired from Presbyterian Healthcare and Continental Airlines. His hobbies are his grandchildren, golf and travel.   Click to book a meeting with Jerome


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Mauricio Medina, Account Mgr. 

Analytics and Recovery is happy to announce Mauricio joined our team.  He lives in Santa Fe New Mexico. He attended the Santa Fe Community College as well as Santa Monica College.  He loves technology and is looking forward to providing solutions to our clients.  He will be dividing his time between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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Carmen Good, Operation Director

Carmen, holds an MBA, Certified Project Management (Stanford) and has worked for Large and Small business to streamline operations.  Carmen is a great addition to the AnR team. Retired from Sandia National Labs. She enjoys her grandchildren and golf.

Open Position, Sales

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Premium Partner - CBR 

CBR has been performing Premium insurance auditing services for 25 years.  Our premium partnership with CBR benefits us both.  Our Sales and ASO and HRO services will assist both organizations provide end to end services for clients. 

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Premium Partner Profile- Spericorn Technology Inc. USA a Padilla and Associates Company

Spericorn, providing manage IT services for AnR and our clients. Partnering with AnR to Save money on your existing Workers Comp and General liability policies with  100 plus Employees globally ready to assist Small to Large enterprises needing full service Technology or unified communication products, sales or service. 24x7 support, Software , Web, Cloud, Mobile, Security. Spericorn is a registered AWS amazon Partner as well as Microsoft Azure. Offices in Albuquerque and Houston.

Premium Partner- Lifetime Benefits

Nora Humbles is an independent insurance agent providing Workers Comp, General Liability and a full line of Insurance Services

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